Rovereto, Italy

The first stage of the project compiles the conceptual approaches that form the base of this master plan variant for Rovereto, a city in the region of Trentino Alto Adige (Italy), and furthermore lead to selective and important components for our planning philosophy.


For each of the diverse topics for the proposed interventions you need a global vision that sometimes even goes beyond the borders of the municipality to be able to work with all the significant elements and influences of the surrounding territories.
A federal highway crosses a big part of the expansion areas of Rovereto CITY OF ARTS. The course of this road can become the chance to transmit an important character of the city. Here the first opportunity is given to express the city’s image of art, to create for instance a strong first impression to people, who pass by for the first time.
Rovereto can be distinguished by interventions of high impact and quality in the field of ARCHITECTURE:
we imagine single focuses of public use or of a synergetic encounter of the public with private initiative, focuses that become through the new projects a kind of catalytic element, also intensifying the community.


The  projects’ strategy is the result of studies, the discover of identities and the attempt to filter an essence of all this: the essence in fact, the poetry of the spaces, is often at least partly hidden. This can happen because of spaces of transit, which interrupt merciless the urban fabric, tear off the original identity, or because of the devaluation of whole areas, or at last just because the aesthetics of a territory are not of interest anymore.

Therefore another intervention will be to rethink the  PARAMETERS AND BORDER  of diverse districts of the city. Districts, for which the clear definition on its borders is of a strategic importance and also for the broad variety and richness of the typologies, that need to be reinforced through concrete  QUARTER PROJECTS .

We also pay special attention to the  ELEMENTS OF IDENTITY , rich and narrative, of a bigger or smaller scale, punctual or linear, part of the dense fabric of the historic center or of the adjacent peripherals. Indeed there are many no-name places that lack of identity. Here it is fundamental for the development to find a strong image that distinguishes one site from another.

VISUAL AXES enrich the  STORY IN THE LANDSCAPE  of Rovereto that crosses its landscape or frame the perception of a static or non-static situation.  While some elements do exist already, rooted in the territory, others will have to be intensified, totally enhanced, protected or simply need to become visible and accessible.
To define these relations between the stories, to understand how to create a net of coalescent routes through analysis, researches and diverse projects, is the aim.

What will be the  IMAGE OF ROVERETO  in the end, franked by important and known cities like Trento and Verona, situated in the same type of landscape, surrounded by mountains?
What is the peculiarity? How will it be recognized and identified in this valley? To crystallize the special and unique character of Rovereto, means ho know how to read this city and what kind of projects t develop for its future.