Lugano, Switerland

Located on a sunny side of the Monte Bré overlooking the Lake of Lugano, this garden’s site is long and narrow and very steep.

The difficulty of the topographical situation resulted in a garden with “long paths and long views”, emphasized by the creation of examples of what can be called green architecture: sidelines of high trees that border and flank the visiting routes, create views and conceal the surrounding buildings, while letting the eye free to enjoy the farther views.

The passages are narrowly flanked by steep slopes, rows of linear trees and low myrtle hedges that support and emphasize the perspective effect. Three different rest areas are marked by three fountains where the water jet’’s fall in the tank and overflow on the ground become an opportunity for design and reinterpretation: the sound of flowing water follows the visitor who moves in the shadow of a group of olive trees or near a peculiar tree close to the house or strolls in the grass and myrtle of the paths.

In the garden’s most “hidden” part, where a strip of ground connects an old turret at the end of the site to a large chestnut tree on the opposite side, there is again the atmosphere of a rare wood typical of calcareous areas, a dense wood dominated by hophornbeam, ruscus, coronilla and hellebore. Under the chestnut tree a seat, a moment of serendipity: from the wood hidden in this garden, the horizon can be seen again, unexpectedly.